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Donation events run by Washington Children's Support are the best way to connect you, your community, and the children we support together. We run multiple events to gather monetary, clothing, and non-perishable donations for the betterment of the children and families we try to help and support. Register today to stay updated on our upcoming events

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The Thanksgiving and holiday seasons are almost upon us. While this is the time of year to focus on family, loved ones, and spending time together; it is also the most significant time of year for giving. This year, COVID-19 has added complications to an already difficult time. Not only has COVID made it difficult to collect food donations like a normal year, the pandemic has also left MANY more families without the ability to provide or experience a holiday meal. It is our goal for as many kids (and their families) to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving as possible.

At Washington Children's Support, we have decided the best way to deal with the current landscape is by focusing our attention in one direction, local food banks. Until November 6th we are collecting online donations to help them feed kids and families this Thanksgiving. And we can't do it without your help.

Donations will be received through our Go Fund Me Charity account. 100% of the proceeds collected will be donated in bulk to local food banks to provide meals for those families in need.

Please donate today! Donations are tax deductible and, as always, the kids will be taken care of.

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