• Tyrone Knutsen

Answering the unheard call for help

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Meet Mike Johnson, a Puyallup man with a heart for helping kids. He and his wife Kym are the founding members of Washington Children's Support. Together they brought to life a vision that Mike held close to his heart for many years. For as long as he can remember, Mike’s mom worked for school districts in the area, helping kids with behavioral issues.

There was one constant in his Mom’s stories, the need of the kids.

This need was echoed on his son’s first day of kindergarten. Kids attending the same school as his son, coming to school hungry on the first day. Coming to school in old, dirty clothing…..on the first day. With advice from his mentor, Mike and Kym decided now was the time. No longer would they sit back and watch helplessly as the kids continued to go without.

So, through a sea of red tape and paperwork, Washington Children’s Support was founded. With a grass roots approach to local kids in need, they are committed to making a difference. Through food drives, clothing drives, and soon to be monetary donations Washington Children’s Support will be impacting the local community for many years to come.

Washington Children's Support is looking forward to working with everyone in the Puget Sound area to bring about a culture of giving and generosity to everyday life here. We also thank you for following us on this journey, and look forward to seeing you at our next event.

As Mike says, “If we can change the hopes and life of one child, it will all be worth it”.

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